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Let’s make your business digital with Little Abs Marketing. Marketing refers to activities related to buying, selling, and advertising a product or a service. It aims at providing knowledge to a customer about the product or the service and satisfying the customer needs. The most common traditional ways of marketing were advertisements via Newspapers, TV advertisements, pamphlets, etc. But with the advancement in technology, traditional marketing found its better alternatives.

Digital Marketing is a part of marketing. As the name suggests, Digital Marketing involves a digital platform to help clients acquire knowledge about your product or service. Digital Marketing helps you keep a track of how your marketing strategies are working, how many leads are converting into sales, how effective is the marketing team performing, etc.

For example – Using the traditional method, you invest 2-3 Lakhs for advertising a Banner on a pole. But after a couple of days, you realize you placed it at the wrong location. Now you can’t switch the place because

(i) You invested a lot of money

(ii) You could be bound to a legal contract.

Whereas Digital marketing is concerned, you can run a campaign ad as per your budget for a week or so. If you see you are getting some good conversions, you can go ahead with it, but just in case you observe that the things ain’t going as per the plans, you can make the necessary changes anytime.

How to make your business digital?

Another major benefit of Digital Marketing is that you can target your audience. Under traditional marketing methods, you could use pamphlets and distribute them. But you’ll never know whether the marketing efforts are effective or not and this isn’t the case here. You can target your audience easily as per your preferences.

Since Digital Marketing is a part of Marketing, it is very important to have clarity in the concepts of marketing. As a marketer you should be pretty clear about the concepts of segmentation, targeting, position, need, etc. Digital Marketing is just a channel to market your products or services on the digital platform.

A recent trend has been witnessed in India that Digital marketing is the new thing, and yes it is, but that doesn’t mean you need not have clarity in the basic concepts of marketing. You might be having full theoretical knowledge of the tools and plugins, but how to implement those tools requires marketing knowledge.

With the increase in internet users, especially after the introduction of Jio, online traffic has increased. Websites get more traffic, thereby increasing the chance of conversions, from traffic to leads. Thus it is believed that Digital Marketing will be the biggest industry in the marketing field by the end of 2020.

Let’s make your Business Digital.

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