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Cryptography – Mixture of Art and science

Being human, we always concern about our privacy. Privacy plays a significant role in our lives, right from starting on the day till the end of the day. As part of privacy, we want our data, messages to be secure. A common example is when we send a text message…

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Why Digital Marketing?

Why Digital Marketing? It’s a world-renowned fact that it takes money to make money. If you want to expand your business, your brand, increase your sales, reach your targets fast, then you have to invest your money into your marketing to make that happen and You need to invest in…

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Let’s Make Your Business Digital.

Let’s make your business digital with Little Abs Marketing. Marketing refers to activities related to buying, selling, and advertising a product or a service. It aims at providing knowledge to a customer about the product or the service and satisfying the customer needs. The most common traditional ways of marketing…

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